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You could also call this heading "Our philosophy" or "Our vision." This is the place to talk about what drives you and your business and what's unique about your process. What you write here should be something distinct and interesting about your business that sets it apart from others in the same industry.

Featured Appearance

  • Pittsburgh Sports Line
  • Published Makeup Artist, Fahrenheit Magazine
  • Published Makeup Artist, The Definition Magazine

Industry Participation

  • Collaborations with Jacqueline's Salon, Urban Nerd Entertainment, Bill Boyce & Style
  • Makeup Artist Youngin Voorhees and JoseysBoy Records  video


Meet the Team

Mimi Fairyz

Kimi Gilland, from southwest Ohio and I'm a mom to 4 amazing kids. I've been working as a MUA since 2013 and have been a promoter for Makeup Fairyz and Chaos Cosmetics for the last 4 years. My goal is to enjoy the self expression of art through the medium of makeup and support my fellow MUA's

Mel B. Fairyz

I have been with the Makeup Fairyz for 3years. In the last year I have been promoted to Manager and I am Lucy’s assistant. When I started as a Fairyz I was an amateur in makeup. I learned a lot from Lucy and practiced. As my makeup skills have improved lucy has let me be her assistant at some of the charity events and Makeup Fairyz photoshoots she has hosted. I have also model some at those photoshoots. 


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"My name is Elizabeth and I’m a 44 year old super mom and model residing in Tucson AZ. After several strokes in 2014, I decided to embrace a long-time aspiration as a model. My hubby and I decided to school our girls online as a response to the horrifying things happening in our schools these days. And when I’m not chasing after homework and clean rooms, I work as a social media guru, and am a Guest Experience Leader at McDonald's.  I love promoting businesses and people that show me fire and a drive for creativity! The balance between living for them and living for me is the perfect mix I need. I’m just a lady living her dream."


Eva Dixon of i do Designs by Eva , and Once upon a Bride and Groom... Started my Modeling career; Jamyce Patterson of Style and Glam was a very helpful Modeling coach that gave me results. Mae Bae Taught me how to walk until i had Blisters. I Studied the internet often digging through makeup tutorials and my fiance Chris Beer purchased my first Professional  Makeup. At Sephora. I Gained around 5000 facebook friends and over 700 instagram followers.
I did fashion show after fashion show, photoshoot after Photoshoot, and created over 200 instagram photos this past year. I won March cover model of Model promotions facebook page, with most votes ever. I was second place in both voting rounds of mis fashion week international. And I won Empress Universe of Pittsburgh. And won a spot on the cover of Style and Glam Magazine. Cary Donatello was the one that chose me to wear and "Keep" his creation. And i was interveiwed by Smokin Jim Frazier on his tv show.. Where i promoted my own cd that i said i used modeling as a publicity stunt for it; Im the lead singer of The Analogue Dreams, a psycadelic rock band. Already gaining some serious fans. I was also modeling the coolest high fashion jewelry for style and glam botique on their go live show. And I model makeup online For Makeup Fairyz... Im part of their team known as Dank Fairyz. Many of my fashion shows were for charity. I was invited to nawbo twice.. Once to take a picture with the mayor. And to be a geust speaker presenting myself. I have the best Mua team i could ask for that helped me win the cover model search. Desting Burtlow who was taught by sindel taylor aka miss pennsylvania in beuty school... She gave me a stunning perm. And my childhood best friend created a makeup masterpeice on me. She also takes perfect pictures of me. My Mom is Leilani aka model of the year. I did my own commercial makeup for tv and my own makeup for a magazine cover. Soon i plan on living in my schoolbus in california to do some modeling in LA. I set a record on the treadmil at LA fitness ... Max incline for an hour compared to 5 min for my modeling.


Hello My Name Is Mariah I Am 22 Years Old, I Am Also One Of Make Up Fairyz Promoters From California! So YES! She Has Fairyz All Around The World   I’ve Been A Make Up Fairy For About 4 Years Now. She Is One Of The Best Business Wise And As A Friend As Well!  So Don’t Forget To Purchase Some BOMB  Products From Her! You Will Not Regret It! My Mua Experience I Can Say I Been Doing My Make Up Since 2011 And I Have Progressed So Much Over The Years! Im So Grateful To Learn And Experience New Things Along The Way. I Love Promoting For Make Up And Also For Marijuana And Or Products For Smoking! I Have My Card & It Is Also Legal In California Now! So I Love To Post Videos Of Me Smoking Out Of My Bong With Dabs Or Out Of Anything  I Want To Smoke With. Look Like A Barbie, Smoke Like A Marley   So If You Guys Want Me To Promote Anything For You Like Make Up, Smoking Products, Clothing Ect. Just Message Me! I Love To Post Videos Or Pictures With My Make Up Looks Or Of Me Smoking So If You Want You Can Follow Me On Instagram At @Riaaaahy_ . My Goals I Want To Accomplish Are.. I Want To Go Back To School Im Just Not Too Sure For What Just Yet Maybe The Medical Field , And Hopefully Find A Better High Paying Job. I Also Want To Work More On My Make Up,  Hair, And Skin. So I Want To Go For Cosmetology School After I Go Back To School For What I Want To Be. Just Incase I Want To Fall Back From One Job I Can Have Schooling / Experience For The Other. But This Was Just Me Telling You Guys A Little About Myself So You Guys Can Get To Know A Little More About Me. 


Hello my name is Justine, I’m 23 years old. I love makeup, and fashion and always have. My dream was always to model since I was a little girl, but I always thought that my height would be the reason I wouldn’t be able to do it. I’m only 4 foot 11 inches. I just fell back from and never tried. I always looked up modeling trends online and told my self I want to model. I was going to make that happen one day, someway, somehow. My first experience at a modeling photo shoot was the day everything changed. I was nervous, and my anxiety was through the roof. I’m such a shy person, and I have stage freight. But I knew if I put my mind to it, I could do it. After just a few photos, I became more relaxed and comfortable. I absolutely loved it. Modeling made me feel so confident. There is no judging, and I felt as though I could really be myself in front of the camera. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Embrace it, and chase your dreams

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